The Orange Academy

For Candidates

Are you interested in an international career? The Orange Academy is looking for motivated candidates who want to pursue opportunities in the hospitality sector, in the professions of Front Office/Night Audit and Cooks.

What do we ask?

  • English language’s mastery
  • Motivation to learn and work
  • Willingness do an experience abroad

What do we offer?

  • Travel costs covered
  • Accommodation
  • Educational Course
  • Netflix account and Wi-Fi connection
  • Internship experience in a great Company
  • Uniform
  • Recognised Diploma
  • Weekly internship fee
  • A Manager who will pick you up from the airport and who will follow you during the entire experience

How we work:

  1. Recruit ambitious people
  • The Orange Academy plan every year many recruiting meeting or you can find us online or through a mutual friend
  • We plan selection interviews
  • If we are both interested cooperate together, then we will start to plan your experience abroad.
  1. Coach & develop candidates
  • We pick you up from the airport
  • We introduce you in the company and we monitor your progress in learning the job
  • You will be contacted regularly by us to discuss your well-being
  • If you need some extra training to develop your english language skills we will help you.
  1. Create international experience
  • You will have your international experience and learn about the job, other cultures, other languages and new people
  • It is possible that you get a temporary job in The Netherlands to start a new future with an international career

Curious to find out what all this could bring you?

Contact us on [email protected]

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For candidates