The Orange Academy

About The Orange Academy

The Orange Academy BV provides the Coaching & Guidance of trainees (candidates) for organizations operating in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg (the BeNeLux). The activities focuse on candidates from the European Union.

An innovative response to a labour market challenge

The labour markets in the BeNeLux are continuously in need of well-motivated and educated employees. Labour market studies and prognoses show that there will be insufficient employees for a prolonged time. Other labour market data show a high unemployment in some other parts of Europe. The Orange Academy offers chances to two parties: on one side young people who are willing to consider the start of an international career or people who want to move abroad, change their life and career and on the other hand companies that are looking for new opportunities to meet prospective employees.

The Orange Academy provides programs with which, well-motivated candidates, are able to gain an international working experience or even create a career in the BeNeLux.

The Orange Academy collaborates with a number of renowned schools in the EU to provide the candidates extra training if needed. Furthermore, The Orange Academy has close ties with Dutch governmental organizations and with the governments of various EU countries.



The Orange Academy

The Orange Academy has been established after one of the founders was on vacation in the South of Europe. Living in the Netherlands, his frame of reference was that of a big shortage of well-educated employees. During his vacation he ran into multiple talented and motivated people who were looking for a job that would suit their education. He asked one of them whether she would consider an international career in order to find a good job. She said “Yes” and that was the start of the first front-office internship in The Netherlands for a Greek candidate.

Many front-office candidates followed, just like cooks and other candidates for the hospitality sector. Other European countries got connected to the network; schools wanted to collaborate and educational programs were developed. Companies in The Netherlands asked for long-term relationships, in order to find new talent.

During the first year activity the international network increased already:  he stared to cooperate with  Schools, International Culinary Academies ad Entities in Europe.


In 2020, the number and complexity of the activities had grown to a higher level; the expertise to connect candidates to good companies asked for a new structure: The Orange Academy was born. It  is a multicultural company with many international connections and networks in countries in the South of Europe, such us Italy, Bulgaria and Greece.

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