The Orange Academy

Internship Locations

Thanks to our partners, The Orange Academy has become a success. On this page we would like to introduce our partners, therefore the Companies where you can start your internship experience.

Companies in The Netherlands:

Fletcher Hotels

The Fletcher hotels is one of our biggest partners. Fletcher is a large hotel chain in the Netherlands. They have almost 100 unique 3- and 4-star hotels all over the country. They are authentic hotels that are mostly located in historic buildings. Furthermore, events often take place in the hotels and the hotels offer space for business guests and business events.

Blacklabel Hotels

We also have a partnership with Blacklabel hotels. Blacklabel hotels has a number of hotels in the south of the Netherlands. In these hotels events take place and they have a restaurant. Business guests are also welcome at Blacklabel hotels and you can organize a private event in one of the hotels.

Internship Locations